About Us

Incorporated on November 8th, 1977, the goal of Upper Souris Water was to provide a safe domestic water supply to its customers. Although the needs of our District's users have changed considerably since then, the goal of providing safe, clean water still stands true today. 

We owe the success of our system to those pioneering individuals who had the strength of vision to implement a plan to provide water throughout the rural areas. From tirelessly searching for a trusted water supply that would meet their needs, to ensuring the same vigorous search was conducted to secure the proper funding, these first Directors of the Board strove to serve Upper Souris Water constituents to their fullest. 

Today, our Board of Directors is just as determined to ensure that our customers receive the best quality water possible from the sources we have available, while leveraging your investment in the company to keep costs low and the water flowing freely. 

Thank you, Directors, past and present, for your dedicated service. Thank you, customer-members, for your dedicated investment. Together, we are Upper Souris Water!