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Past Due Notice Policy Changes

November 19, 2020


At the October Board meeting, the Directors updated the District’s “Past Due” policies which will become effective January 1, 2021. Customers who become past due or fail to report an updated monthly meter reading will incur substantial penalties.

For your convenience, pertinent selections of the Rules and Regulations can be found at below. Review them carefully to avoid penalties. The complete policy guidebook can also be found at https://uppersouriswater.com/all-forms-and-reports. 

Thank you for your attention to these policy changes – and for your continued business.

Joddy Meidinger, Manager 



A. Billing will be conducted by the District on a monthly basis. Consumers will remit their meter reading, and the dollar amount due as determined by the approved rate schedule, to the District office prior to the final day of each month.

E. Accounts must be paid in full and have a current meter reading submitted within ten (10) days of the due date, or they are considered delinquent and subject to a ten percent (10%) penalty on the delinquent amount. After 60 days, past due accounts, and accounts with outdated meter readings, will be charged an additional $50 per month late fee, and may be disconnected without notice. If a District employee must make a trip to obtain a meter reading for billing purposes, a $150 trip charge will be added to the account. Further, if water service is disconnected due to delinquency, there will be a $300 reconnect fee.

I. If a user does not send in an accurate meter reading, or in the case of seasonal users, a meter reading that indicates no water usage since last months’ reading, the district shall enter a reading which is equal to the user's last reading, plus the system’s average monthly usage per meter, or the individual user's monthly average per meter. This does not relieve the obligation to report an updated meter reading. Until such time as a current meter reading is submitted, the account will be assessed a $50 monthly penalty, as outlined in paragraph E above.

J. The consumer shall not send in an artificial meter reading. All meter readings shall be the actual reading which is registered on the consumer's meter. Failure to abide by this rule is cause enough for service to be disconnected. NOTE: Readings taken directly from the water meter supersede those from remote readers, which are installed for the user’s convenience and do not always reflect accurate usage.

K. The district may use whatever means necessary to recover bad checks received for payments of water bills, materials, and supplies, or any other services performed by the district. Such accounts will be treated as delinquent, and the charges applicable to such accounts will be applied. Any additional expenses incurred by the district to make payments good will be borne by the consumer.

L. The district may refuse personal checks from consumers who have established an unreliable payment record; or the district may require a security deposit in an amount equal to three months average bills.

M. The district will charge a $25.00 fee on any NSF check which is received by the district.


A. The district reserves the right to discontinue service without notice for the following additional reasons:

  1. To prevent fraud or abuse.
  2. Consumers willful disregard of the district's rules.
  3. Emergency repairs.
  4. Insufficiency of supply due to circumstances beyond the district's control.
  5. Legal processes.
  6. Direction of public authorities.
  7. Strike, riot, fire, accident or any unavoidable cause.

B. The district may, in addition to prosecution by law and penalty, permanently refuse service to any consumer who tampers with a meter or other measuring device.